Buz - bass guitar
Col - vocals
Gilly - drums
Higgy - lead guitar

Saturday, 18 May - Chester Harley-Davidson

Friday, 24 May - Windsor Castle, Marple Bridge

Saturday, 25 May - Bank Top Tavern, Oldham

Saturday, 8 June - Bike ‘n’ Hound, Hyde

Friday, 14 June - Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

Saturday, 15 June - Hindley Arms, Hindley

Saturday, 29 June - Crown, Chadderton

Saturday, 13 July - Victoria, Lostock Hall

Friday, 26 July - Windsor Castle, Marple Bridge

Saturday, 3 August - Red Lion, Longton

Saturday, 17 August - Slow 'n' Easy, Lostock Gralam

Saturday, 24 August - Musketeer, Leigh

Friday, 27 September - Bike ‘n’ Hound, Hyde

Friday, 4 October - Rose of Farrington, Leyland

Friday, 11 October - Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

Friday, 25 October - Plough, Chorley

Saturday, 26 October - Victoria, Lostock Hall

Friday, 8 November - Windsor Castle, Marple Bridge

Saturday, 9 November - Slow 'n' Easy, Lostock Gralam

Friday, 15 November - Musketeer, Leigh

 Saturday, 23 November - Crown, Chadderton

Saturday, 14 December - Red Lion, Longton

Friday, 20 December - Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

Get yer dancing shoes on and come and join us for a crazy night of groovy mayhem!

A groovy poem from Gilly!

We are Cheese Puff Death Squad, and we play Rock N Roll, 
We also play some other stuff, but we don’t play no soul. 
We love our Rock and our Pop, Punk and Indie too, 
Some are old some are new, but nothing too taboo. 

We are from south Manchester, a place called La La Land, 
To some it is Utopia, to us its Wonderland. 
Cyril is our mascot, a yellow cheesy chap 
Just like our groovy music, he’s got a feather in his cap. 
We like to play our instruments, with gusto, pep and joy, 
With silly hats and wigs and masks, and maybe the odd toy. 
Your all time classic top-ten, and favourites galore, 
Will make you want to join in, it's difficult to ignore. 
You’ll want to dance, you’ll want to sing, to bounce and jump around, 
In crazy mad abandonment, on chairs or on the ground. 
You’ll want to snap your fingers, and stomp and tap your feet, 
Our music covers all genres, it's never obsolete. 
We’ve got some lights from Blackpool, a PA and some smoke, 
So everyone can see and hear, you jolly happy folk. 
We’d love to come and play for you, and play our very best, 
We’d work our dangly bits off, cos we’re better than all the rest. 

The search is over!
It seemed to take for ever looking for a new singer but finally we've found what we're looking for! Our new singer is called Col and we're all looking forward to him having a long and sucessful time with the band.

There'll be lots of the old songs and a few new one's too so we hope you like the new line up. See you soon! Cheers!

HIggy is not his real name. His real name is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide which is a stupid name so we call him Higgy for want of anything better.

Higgy lives in the countryside so, not surprisingly, his favourite past-time is molesting sheep. And probably cows!

He can also play guitar rather well with a battered Strat or a Flying V through a Marshall. A very good combination as a certain Mr Hendrix discovered!

We welcome Higgy to the band and trust you will too.

Col joins us with a wealth of experience singing in different bands, rock band, blues bands, punk bands, his last being Punk's Not Dead.

An imposing figure with an awesome set of lungs, he'll be a great addition to the band.
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